LETTER: Y-block park a lasting gift for all to enjoy

Springfield is being offered an opportunity to embrace and support a park on the Y-block. This extraordinary property is surrounded by the historical landscape of our city and could offer a welcoming destination. A proposed cafe’ would invite tourists and encourage locals to visit the park. The promise of “true chocolate and real waffles” might add to the positive experience of any visit to our downtown.

Our civic leaders, both past and present, have shown vision in saving other green spaces such as Washington and Lincoln Park. While these public parks are grand in scope and acreage, this smaller-scaled, one-block park is a fitting and appropriately-sized oasis in the middle of its downtown neighbors.

Internationally recognized Belgian landscape architect Peter Wirtz’s classic design would add beauty to our downtown and enrich the lives of those who visit it.

The vista from Capitol Avenue south through the park onto the restored Executive Mansion and grounds would be spectacular. Once in this area, visitors might be enticed to take the easy walk to our other downtown historical sites which are located within a few blocks of each other.

In our busy and sometimes stressful world, a green space like this could provide a peaceful pause. I support this gift of a public park and hope that the Y-block plan will continue to progress as a gathering place for all of the people to enjoy and appreciate.

Sharon L. Miner


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